2016 Big Bid Items

These were the items that brought the highest bids ($150+) at the
2016 AHS On-Line Auction.

2016 AHS Online Auction Results & Summary


H. 'Peek-a-boo Purple' (D. Dean - 2011) H. 'Peek-a-boo Purple'

H. ‘Peek-a-boo Purple’ first caught the eye of hosta enthusiasts during the 2010 AHS national convention held in the Twin Cities. This blue-green plant quickly forms a flared upright mound standing 14” high and spanning 37” across of wavy, lance-shaped leaves. Strong petioles hold foliage such that heavily saturated burgundy of the petiole is shown from all vantage points between the blue-green leaves. Matching heavily saturated scapes emerge in proportion to the clump to bring the purple above the foliage in mid-season.

Hybridizers may delight in the plant being fertile both ways. The complex parentage of [(Liberty Bell x (Urajiro Hachijo x pycnophylla) x Ebony Spires) × H. Venetian Blue] offers many directions to take the genetics in new directions.

‘Peek-a-boo Purple’ is not in production and there are no plans to place it into production so supplies are very limited. This is the THIRD piece to ever be offered and is obviously OS. Previous have gone $300+. In order to allow me to continue to use this as a fundraiser for our plant societies the successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. A double or better division of field grown mature plant will be sent in the spring from Don Dean.

H. 'Bullfrog' a.k.a “Wally’s Bullfrog” OS (Hoover) H. 'Bullfrog'

Walter Hoover, Loyal, Wisconsin, was an enthusiastic member of the Minnesota Hosta Society. Wally could be considered hostas “poster boy” at any hosta event that he attended.

Wally discovered ‘Bullfrog’ in a Wisconsin nursery, now shuttered. He was so admiring of it when unveiling the hosta to folks for the first time, it acquired the name “Wally’s Bullfrog.”

H. ‘Bullfrog’ (NR) is a variegated sport of the classic, upright, bluish-gray-leaved ‘Krossa Regal’. Leaf margin is bluish tissue of varying width, sometimes with narrow white streaks. Leaf center is non-definitive: predominately white tissue randomly (perhaps haphazardly) streaked with long, broad and narrow, mostly bluish tissue. In addition, leaves are strikingly twisted. Each leaf has its own variegation: its own personality. UNUSUAL! DICTINCTIVE! Not a fast grower but grows well. Smaller clump size than ‘Krossa Regal’.

H. ‘Bullfrog’ has proven difficult to produce in tissue culture. No wonder with such complex and different leaf variegations in one plant! Small liners still are not available anywhere at this time. OS (Originator’s Stock) is from Wally’s original plant. Though some OS stock is in select private gardens, this outstanding hosta is considered RARE, a collector’s must-have.

In January 2010 Wally personally got an OS piece to Jan van den Top in the Netherlands, whose Hostaworld nursery is famous for introducing many outstanding hostas. The plant you’ll receive is a division from the original single division Jan received. This is the only OS “Wally’s Bullfrog” available to our knowledge. Be aware that not all ‘Bullfrog’ in the trade may be “Wally’s Bullfrog”! This is OS. Similar sports (‘Mixed Nuts’, ‘White Sprite’) have been reported, some TC’d, that have not performed well. This was displayed at the Midwest Regional seedling and sport competition in 2004 and has been doing well since then.

H. ‘Louis the 14th’ (Kedl) H. ‘Louis the 14th’

Viktoria, one of our annual donors of first time offers, has ‘dug’ into her collection of rare and wonderful hostas and done it again.

This year’s donations have a special element to them. They are plants created by a friend of Viktoria’s , Phyllis Kedl from the Minneapolis area, that has passed recently. Hallson Forum participants knew her as GrannyNanny. Phyllis’ husband is pleased to know that Viktoria has made this donation to carry on her legacy, stating, “Phyllis would have loved that!”

‘Louis the 14th’ has good substance and appears to be able to take some sun. It is much like a smaller ‘Sun Power’. Like ‘Sun Power’? This one will surely brighten a spot in your garden. Ideal for front or middle of your hosta border. Flowers? Oh yes, showy flowers as well.

The successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. A strong, 2 eye, OS division of ‘Louis the 14th’, believed to have never been sold before, of OS stock is the offer. Viktoria Serafin, Glenbrook Farm, will ship this dandy in the mid-May.

H. ‘Memphis Blue’ OS (Petryszyn) H. ‘Memphis Blue’

Oh, boy, this is a piece of the original plant from the originator herself, Queen of the Large Hosta, Olga Petryszyn. A similar donation at a national convention brought hundreds from the audience (justly so!).

Olga states the description far more eloquently than I possibly can, so her she is, “One of the original crosses kept by the breeder for its outstanding performance. H. ‘Memphis Blue’ was created in 1986, a marriage of H. ‘Sagae’ (then known as Fluctuans Varigata) and H. ‘Tokudama Aurea Nebulosa’. Resulting is a surprisingly very large and fast growing hosta. Its beauty is the rich blue which holds well in the heat and late into the season. Hence the appropriate name for the sultry days of the south. The underside offers a powdery very pale cool blue. Outstanding substance that seems to scoff at slugs. H. ‘Memphis Blue’ will start out quite upright and spread to a minimum of 3 feet. The moderate corrugation and slight wave add to the interest. The white blossoms add sparkle. This hosta always gets attention in the garden. It may be blue but will not leave you feeling that way.”

When asked how large a division she was offering, she told me that it was dicvided this past season but was not sure exactly how many eyes it would be (hey, it is January, right!) but she replied, “My guess is 5-6 divisions.” Your bid gets you started well upon your way to a well developed CLUMP in a much abbreviated amount of time than starting with a small plant!

H. ‘Strip Poker’ (N. Burlingame (ON) Western New York Hosta Society (IR) - 2004) H. ‘Strip Poker’

H. ‘Strip Poker’ makes a medium-small clump of chameleon like foliage. Leaves begin the season with green centers and yellow edges. Colors reverse as the season progresses, center becomes yellow and edge green. Looking for a splashy specimen for ANY time of the season and also provides a change from early to late season? Here is a great choice found with this unusual sport of ‘Striptease’. Mark Zilis states, “… the first sport that I ever saw with foliage colors that completely reversed during the growing season.” Can you say RARE???? The best Carolynn’s recollection and knowledge to date, this plant was only shared with a few people locally. This matches what I can find out through the network of folks that are usually in the know. Carolyn Schaffner offers a division of Originators Stock for shipment in the spring.

Wols #5 H. 'Bleuphoria' 100 seed

Up for auction are 100 O.P. seeds from 'Bleuphoria'. Read what Dan has to say, “I grew this one from Rod Keunster's (‘Wahoo’ x ‘Blue Belly’) x O.P. seed that I won in an auction in '08. I am still so thankful to Rod for the great start. It regularly produces nice streaked blue seedlings and has a knack for picking up the pollen parent's characteristics. It is a rarity that I have this many seeds to offer and parts of it are starting to settle, but all of the seeds offered came from streaked pods.”

Potential captures the buried treasures within this seed. Those that have been watching Dan’s results aimed at good streaked blues know that 'Bleuphoria' is in the background of some of Dan’s best!

H. 'Frilly Frolic' (D. Dean - 2015) H. 'Frilly Frolic'

H. ‘Frilly Frolic’ is a new registration. It forms a flared mound 25 x 59” here when grown in heavy shade (more compact in ½ day or better sun) of leaves measuring 11 x 15”. A blue-green in spring that holds reasonably in heavier shade but gives out to green in more direct sun by mid-season.

Besides a beautiful clump it is an outstanding breeder for pie-crusted edges in blue, green and gold depending upon partner. By doubling up parents that both relay pie-crusted edges, parents are Sea Frolic x kiyosumiensis, you can take this one in several directions. Sea Frolic lends its blue breeding potential especially when crossed with better blues. It is fertile both directions, used primarily as a pollen parent thus far.

H. ‘Frilly Frolic’ is not in production and there are no plans to place it into production so supplies are very limited. This is the THIRD piece to ever be offered and is obviously OS, all drawing $300+. In order to allow me to continue to use this as a fundraiser for our plant societies the successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. A double or better division of field grown mature plant will be sent in the spring from Don Dean.

H. ‘Breeder's Treasure’ OS (Jan van den Top) H. ‘Breeder's Treasure’

SPECIAL! RARE! This is the tetraploid form of H. ‘Exotic Treasure’. Jan had a lab in the Netherlands intentionally induce full tetraploidy with a chemical. All genetic layers are tetraploid, so hybridizing with this hosta can produce tetraploid seedlings.

H. ‘Exotic Treasure’ (Jan van den Top), also rare, is the streaked version of the popular H. ‘One Man’s Treasure’ (R. Benedict - 1999). Dark green leaves start with yellow streaks that turn to creamy and white. Considered one of the best streaked hostas! Petioles have handsome reddish purple dots on both sides -- and the red shows up into the leaf. Purple flowers on red scapes late in season.

H. ‘Breeder’s Treasure’ has same variegation, petiole, scape and flower characteristics. Leaves are thicker than ‘Exotic Treasure’ and the plant is smaller, 10-12 inches tall depending on how much green is in leaves.

H. ‘Breeder’s Treasure’ is a tetraploid-breeding, gorgeously streaked GEM: a mutated genetical cupboard with great potential. Simply WOW! Produce your own variegated tetraploid plants. Showcase this beauty in your garden; it will be an eye-catcher. Leaves are thicker than ‘Exotic Treasure’ and ‘One Man’s Treasure’, and plant is smaller, 12-18 inch tall.

VERY LIMITED. This is the only plant to our knowledge in the U.S. from Jan.

Wols #6 H. 'Bleuphoria' x H. 'One Man's Treasure' 100 seed H. 'Bleuphoria' x H. 'One Man's Treasure'

This is an offer for 100 O.P. cleaned seeds from 'Bleuphoria' x 'One Man's Treasure'. In Dan’s own words, “I grew some O.P. seed from this one last year, and though the percentage of streaked was not stellar, most that were streaked were keepers. The part I like best about this plant is that it is bigger and bulkier than your typical hosta seedling with longipes genes.”

H. ‘Amethyst Facet’ (Benedict - 2003) H. ‘Amethyst Facet’

H. ‘Amethyst Facet’ represents the end of the line of the Benedict blues. Following the ’98 AHS National Convention I had the pleasure of visiting Herb and Dorothy Benedict. He showed me his latest pride and joy, seven seedlings form H. 'Purple Verticulated Elf' selfed. They were all mini-small in size, blue of varying degrees, each a varying form, and substance was superb. Three stood out as steps forward in blue color. Each had what Herb coined as ‘purple blue’ noticeably more intense than their mother. He insisted that I take entire plants with the intention of continuing their genes into the future as he was done hybridizing. I agreed on the condition that they would only be used to distribute to his closest, long term friends (four at this time) and raise funds for the AHS as he had done. None have been or are being mass propagated. Here is the first of the three. H. ‘Amethyst Facet’ forms a clump 7” H and 10” wide, holds its intense ‘purple blue’ late into the season, and is fertile both ways. This is only the second division since the first time it was offered in 2006.

The successful bidder must agree not to propagate, sell or share the plant without permission. A single mature OS division is offered by Don Dean.

H. ‘Seiryu Kiyosumi’ H. ‘Seiryu Kiyosumi’

H. ‘Seiryu Kiyosumi’, a.k.a. Hosta kiyosumiensis 'Seiryu' or Seiryu kiyosumiensis (incorrect), forms a medium sized plant with green leaves and white streaks, known to remain quite stable for a streaked plant. This plant has been known about for many years and exists in some private collections scattered in the U.S. and Europe but availability is infrequently found. We last auctioned it here, at the AHS Online Auction, in 2007, for $145. A piece is now available again thanks to the generous actions of Kees Henzen, Netherlands, who already shipped the Hosta to the Naylor Creek. Kees shares a piece from his plant that has remained streaked for 10-15 years!

H. ‘Amos’ (Petryzyn) H. ‘Amos’

H. ‘Amos’ is a ‘Big John’ seedling from Olga Petryzyn’s beeeding program. Forms a large mound of blue-green foliage with a vase-shaped habit. Thick substance with moderate corrugation. Near-white flowers on tall scapes in June. A very rare hosta !!!

We are talking a large, 3 year old plant with MULTIPLE eyes for this item. This donation is offered by Rob Mortko, Made in the Shade, and will be shipped from in the spring at the appropriate time for your growing season.

Wols #10 75 IAT x TW seeds 'Ice Age Trail' x 'Troubled Waters'

Up for auction 75 cleaned seeds from 'Ice Age Trail' x 'Troubled Waters'. Dan explains, “’Indiana Bob’ generously let me use pollen from his fantastic blue 'Troubled Waters' a number of years ago. I kept this one and its sister seedling, that I now call 'Icy Waters' from this particular cross. Haven't grown seeds from this one yet, because I have been on a bit of a solid kick :), but I cleaned these and was planning on growing them this year. To make it an even ten donations, they are now up for auction. Good luck, hope you get some nice seedlings, and I hope you will let me know how you did.”

H. ‘Shooting’ Star’ OS (Jan van den Top) H. ‘Shooting’ Star’

A stable sport of H. ‘Stargate’ (Van Wade) discovered by Jan van den Top in his nursery in the Netherlands. Leaves have gray-green margin and light green center with attractive multi-colored streaks. Abundant lavender flowers are fragrant.

Parent ‘Stargate’ has large, upright gray-green leaves with misted and streaked white and green center. A sport of H. ‘Flower Power’ breed by Kevin Vaughn and registered in 1987, parentage is H. nigrescens × H. plantigenia. Leaves, with slight ruffling on margin, are gray turning to metallic green. Clump can grow to 30+ inches tall and 4+ feet across.

The plant you’ll receive is from Jan’s original ‘Shooting Star’ stock. VERY LIMITED. This is the only plant in the U.S. to our knowledge. Don’t let this one go by!

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