2017 Contribution Awards

Presidential Citation - Lifetime Achievement Award

Van & Shirley Wade

Presidential Award – Special Project

Donald Rawson, Nomenclature Co-chair, and Pamella Rawson who reviewed and applied the preferred taxonomy notations for the parentage notations to 5,700+ registered hostas.

Barry Ankney, Pat Boissonneault, Andy Marlow, Josh Spece, Barb Schroeder and Rick Schroeder who are adding Hosta photos, their classification, and more detail to the electronic Registry site.

Auction Awards

Outstanding Auction Contributor
National Convention Auction

Dick Ward
whose donations raised $2330

Outstanding Online Auction Contributor

Owen and Sue Purvis
whose donations raised $948

Top Choice Donation
Online Auction

Matt Bendig
H. 'Dear Mom' raised $360

Please visit the Auction section of our website for more information on auction awards, as well as lists of auction donors and donations.

Activity Awards

AHS Best Local Society Newsletter and Editor Award
Ontario Hosta Society, OHS Newsletter (Winter 2016, Volume 22, Issue 4)
Marta Cepek, Editor

AHS Best Local Society Newsletter Article and Author Award
"Combating Foliar Nematodes: Suggested Protocol Using NEMAKILL®"
Warren Pollock
Contributing Editor to the AHS “Hosta Journal”

Photography Contest Awards

1. Hosta Close-up
Debbie Hurlbert-Minard, Howard, OH

2. Mature Hosta Clump
Leonie Proctor, Felixstow, South Australia

3. Landscape Showing Multiple Clumps
Leonie Proctor, Felixstow, South Australia

4. Hostas in the Landscape
Jay McWherter, Cedar Rapids, IA

5. Artistic Impression
Ruth Kumpa, Etobicoke, Ontario

Service Awards

Cindy Deutekom
Judy Feltman-Groover
Gregg Peterson

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