Show Judging

VP for Judging and Exhibitions
Michael Greanya

Judges Training Chair
Joan Altman

Judges Records Chair
Sandra Bussell

Hosta Show Chair
Claudia Walker
Garden Performance Chair
Michael Greanya

Show Classification Chair
Sarah DaPra

Please remember to send your records to the Judges Records and Training Chair so that you can stay accredited.  You will notice on the judges list this year that we have not heard from quite a few of our judges.  It is up to the discretion of the show judges’ chair whether they can be a part of a judging team.  Please consult your judging handbook for additional information.

To order hosta show entry cards contact Claudia Walker

One location you may contact to order show ribbons is:

Olympic Enterprises,
3605 Mahoning Road N.E.
Canton, Ohio 44705

Judges Handbook (Updated 5-29-2019)


Updated Handbook files posted 5-29-2019

Download each section separately, all of which are in pdf format.

Section IV - Garden Performance (updated 10-24-2020)

Active Judges List

Notice to All AHS Show Chairs and Judges Chairs

Please make certain that every judge that you invite to participate in an AHS Accredited Hosta Show appears on the official list of AHS Judges for 2018.

If you believe that someone is qualified to judge, but is not listed, please contact Sandra Bussell for verification. We have had a number of judges resign or elect to go to Emeritus status. Anyone not listed, or cleared by the Judges Records Chair, may NOT judge at your show. Failure to comply with this rule may result in your show not being accredited.

See Members Area For 2019 Judges Lists

Local Societies, please contact us with your Judges Clinic details.

Classification List - includes 2020 Registrations

(Updated March 2021)

We made some changes and we now offer more choices to print information for the shows.  With printing costs so high, the 72 page form is a nice touch!

To report other problems or inaccuracies on any of the classification lists, or if you have suggestions for making improvements on next year’s list, please contact: Sarah DaPra

Exhibition Information

For more detailed information, please go to the member section under Show Judging or BGP Judging.

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