Auction held January 11 - 25, 2020

Auctioneer: Don Dean






His Honor  Bhbergmann $100.00 Beaulier
Kinky Boots OS Midwestmagic $42.00 Teager
Satisfaction  Bhbergmann $80.00 Bucholz
Hide and Seek  Shellylax $31.00 Solberg
Twice as Nice Zsullyvan $46.00 Solberg
Frilly Frolic OS Pollenartist $155.00 Dean
Dean Your Choice of One Double or Better OS Hammer3 $75.00 Dean
Cathy's Clown OS  Lily3 $155.00 Wasitis
Cherries A La Mode OS Hammer3 $105 Vasey
Rubies and Ruffles Groshady $17 Bucholz
Grand Opening Creekside $38.00 Spece
Uncle Albert  Hammer3 $80.00 Wasitis
Jane’s Blush Fredbuchholz $61.00 Solberg
Yippe  Zsullyvan $27.00 Solberg
Prairie Spring  Behemoth19 $265.00 Serafin
Orion's Belt Fredbuchholz $45.00 Beaulier
Yellow River  Cooper $24.00 Bucholz
Evil Woman OS  Hammer3 $205.00 Wasitis
Chili Fries  Noahs $30.00 Solberg
Garnet Spires OS Hammer3 $135.00 Dean
Glen Luminaria (Serafin 2009)  Fredbuchholz $35.00 Serafin
First Blush  Cooper $41.00 Solberg
Gabriel’s Wing PPAF  Kccfan $60.00 Solberg
Dean #3 Your Choice of One Very Recent Intros OS Fredbuchholz $111.00 Dean
Still Waters Trentj46 $209.00 Greene
Whites’ Start Up Seedling Hybridizing Kit Hamfoo $440.00 Whites
Cubbie Blue Meg $215.00 Wols
Pebble Creek Imagine That  Behemoth19 $410.00 Kovalcsik
Sugar Cookie  Zsullyvan $46.00 Solberg
Birthday Candles OS Hammer3 $100.00 Teager
Delta Dawn  Kccfan $58.00 Beaulier
Sally and Bob  Hammer3 $110.00 Gardner
Mouse on the Moon Melmac $34.00 Solberg
Tail Feathers Morgan $165.00 Wasitis
Wellfleet Harbor Stamper $325.00 Goodenough
Dean #2 Your Choice of One Double or Better OS  Fredbuchholz $80.00 Dean
Miss American Pie OS Holyhosta $90.00 Wasitis
Lettuce Wrap  Hostahermit2020 $66.00 Solberg
Fire and Brimstone  Morgan $125.00 James
Great White Whale Fredbuchholz $81.00 Solberg
Blue Hawaii Melmac $36.00 Beaulier
Peppermint Ice OS Hammer3 $80.00 Dean
Alligator Alley Sojourner $30.00 Bucholz
Wildest Dreams  Melmac $49.00 Solberg
Buffalo Soldier (VS NR)  Hammer3 $255.00 Serafin
Valley's Love Buzz - Spece Sojourner $84.00 Spece
The Mighty Quinn Irishlass $125.00 Solberg
Dahlongea  Sojourner $111.00 Solberg
Glen Fetish  Jasper09 $42.00 Serafin
James Three for One Combo - Breeders and Collectors  Jjr $36.00 James
Lemon Snap  Owoboth $44.00 Solberg
Glory Days Streaked Crchig $200.00 Wasitis
James #2 Three for One Bid - Breeders and Collectors Hammer3 $56.00 James
One of three seedlings shown OS Mapleman1 $60.00 Teager


Vasey 25 seeds Mr. Blue Sky x self  Holyhosta $17.00 Vasey
Wols ‘Vision Quest’ OP seeds  Hostaddict $69.00 Wols
Spece - ‘Lakeside Whizzit’ seeds  Groshady $40.00 Spece
Dean 1 Combo seeds 98-63-1 and 81-31-5  Buckeye $45 Dean
Rutz 50 seed offer  Redhosta $33.00 Rutz
Vasey Frisian Waving Steel x Snake Charmer 25 seed Zsullyvan $27.00 Vasey
Gardner S&B seedling x OP 75 seeds Smuggles $51.00 Gardner
Wols ‘Enter the Dragon’OP seeds  Mapleman1 $142.00 Wols
Dean 2 Combo seeds 2-6-2 and 4-29-2  Redhosta $39.00 Dean
Wols ‘Mother of Dragons’ OP seeds Violet $140.00 Wols
Dean 4 Combo seeds 2-51-4 and 5-49-1 Redhosta $33.00 Dean
Spece – ‘Pete's Design’ seeds  Dragonator $27.00 Spece
Wols ‘Bad Mamma Jamma’ seeds  Dragonator $105.00 Wols
Vasey Diamond Lake Spartacus 25  Zsullyvan $28.00 Vasey
Gardner #2 offer S&B seedling x OP 75 seeds  Smuggles $53.00 Gardner
Teager SINGLE OFFER OF 2 One Bid  Zsullyvan $31.00 Teager
Dean 3 Combo seeds 2-51-4 and 8-31-5  Garden $51.00 Dean
Spece – ‘Colors in Motion’ seeds  Hostahermit2020 $21.00 Spece
Dean 5 combo seeds 4-29-2 and 8-31-5  Redhosta $42.00 Dean
Wols ‘Area 51’ seeds  Mapleman1 $78.00 Wols
Vasey Sugar Plum x Lady In Red  Totaleclipse $27.00 Vasey
Dean 6 Combo seeds 5-49-1 and 8-31-5  Norwalktrucker $48.00 Dean
Wols ‘Bleuphoria’75 OP seeds  Garden $160.00 Wols


Spece - The Seedling Patch Metal Sign  Blackhawkgiboshi $70.00 Spece
Spece NEW Martagon Lily Collection  Irishlass $59.00 Spece
Spece NEW Martagon Lily Collection #2 Frodo $60.00 Spece
TOTAL        $7,221


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