Auction held January 22-February 4, 2023

Auctioneer: Don Dean






Barracuda OS Hostasrfun $90.00 Wasitis
Buttonwood Bay Planted69 $85.00 Solberg
Paradise Sunshine  Gardensofataraxia $51.00 Spece
Koza’s 3 Streakers  Kingme $94.00 Koza
Crazy Hazy Whistlingwindsfarm $208.00 Mason Hollow
Steffi (Serafin 2008) OS  Dstick $80.00 Serafin
Green Army Man OS Planted69 $150.00 Purvis
Uncle Albert OS Hostasrfun $90.00 Wasitis
Windy City  Mrsdobber $38.00 Solberg
She's a Dancer OS Planted69 $150.00 Wasitis
Smith collection three plants one bid Fredbuchholz $80.00 D Smith
H. kikutii ‘Ssakuya Hime'  Shedokoen23 $45.00 Solberg
Chris’ Pinky Present  Vsw2023 $43.00 Mason Hollow
Garnet Spires OS   Kingme $160.00 Dean
Heebie Jeebies OS (NR)  Hostasrfun $165.00 Wasitis
Calm before the Storm Shymouse $100.00 Solberg
Second Smith collection three plants one bid Blackjack16 $75.00 D Smith
Chicago Blues  Fredbuchholz $72.00 Solberg
Beautiful Hope Gardensofataraxia $53.00 Mason Hollow
Danica Poul Scorpion $325.00 Mason Hollow
Dean Your Choice of One - Double or Better OS Ryansalonek1 $68.00 Dean
Purple Rain OS (2008 Wasitis) Mrsdobber $95.00 Wasitis
Evil Woman (OS)  Hostasrfun $145.00 Wasitis
Old Yeller  Mortucky $70.00 N Schwartz
Pebble Creek Shamayim Mayim OS Blackjack16 $107.00 J Kovalcsik
Cathy's Clown (OS) Fredbuchholz $155.00 Wasitis
Top Shelf  Gardensofataraxia $75.00 Solberg
Pebble Creek Yoyogi Sakura OS (NR) Shelli1102 $100.00 J Kovalcsik
White Christmas (Mobjack Form)  Planted69 $300.00 Wasitis
Sterling Medallion OS Sojourner $80.00 Dean
Penny Lane OS (2021 Wasitis). Winter2023 $65.00 Wasitis
Wasitis 3 Streaked Seedlings – for One Bid! Meg $192.00 Wasitis
See no Evil  Hhfarm $35.00 Spece
All That Jazz OS Planted69 $110.00 Petryszyn
Quiet Life Winter2023 $165.00 Mason Hollow
Glen Tiara OS + three more Tiaras Hostasrfun $66.00 Serafin
Miss American Pie OS Ryansalonek1 $87.00 Wasitis
Offer TWO Wasitis 3 Streaked Seedlings – for One Meg $200.00 Wasitis
Long Tall Sally OS (2013 Wasitis) Planted69 $170.00 Wasitis
Alana’s Laugh Kurschner $50.00 Solberg
Lachman Legacy OS DOUBLE Division  Hostasrfun $190.00 Greene
Foxfire Off Limits Mac $150.01 Purvis
Ruby Earrings Savtava $74.00 Solberg
Dean #2 Your Choice of One Double or Better OS Cchig $175.00 Dean
One-trip Salad Bar Kurschner $47.00 Solberg
Angel of Beauty OS  Mariner $160.00 Purvis
Peach Brandy Savtava $65.00 Solberg
Sushi Bar Gardensofataraxia $35.00 Solberg
The Future King Dstick $50.00 Spece
Tail Feathers Mrsdobber $105.00 Wasitis
Big Boss Man OS (2021)  Sojourner $175.00 Wasitis
Light the Match Whistlingwindsfarm $92.00 Solberg
Dean #3 Your Choice of One Very Recent Intros OS Hostacrazy66 $105.00 Dean
Black Hills streaked OS Browsermeister $143.00 Serafin
Little Squirt Mrsdobber $17.00 Solberg
Drama Queen (2011)  Dstick $150.00 Wasitis
Bohemian Rhapsody OS Andiellison $150.00 Wasitis
Miss Christa Shelli1102 $94.00 Mason Hollow
Kirkside Golden Parachute OS  Browsermeister $339.00 Hanna
Silver Mine OS Mrsdobber $80.00 Russo
Liam’s Smile Blackjack16 $72.00 Solberg


Goodenough ‘Whitmans Pond’ approx. 30 seeds Dumbfarmer $106.00 Goodenough
James Package 1: 40+ seeds Mercy73 $35.00 James
Vertz Combo Three for One – 130 seed Lily3 $24.00 Vertz
Goodenough(DragonLady x BlueberryMuffin) aprox 30 Dumbfarmer $60.00 Goodenough
James Package 2: 50+ seeds  Totaleclipse $37.05 James
James Package 3: 40 total seeds TWO crosses  Norwalktrucker $22.00 James
Hanna 50 seeds {[Empress Wu x (Cyclops x OP)] x K  Frodo $43.00 Hanna
Vertz Second Combo Three for One – 130 seed Lily3 $28.00 Vertz
James Package 4: 20 seeds Totaleclipse $31.01 James
James Package 5: 25 seeds  Lily3 $30.00 James
Goodenough packet 2 'Hosanna' approx. 35 seeds  Hostacrazy66 $50.00 Goodenough
Vertz Third Combo Four for One – 140 seed Boaz $25.00 Vertz
Hanna packet 3 – TWO crosses total 50 seeds  Frodo $22.00 Hanna
Hanna packet 2 – Krugerrand x Extrovert 25 seeds  Spacecat1 $22.00 Hanna
Goodenough 'Hosanna' approx. 35 seeds Hdreamer $44.00 Goodenough


3 Astilbe from Ternes Gardensofataraxia $46.00 Ternes
Hostas … a book for all spouses of gardene  Googlegal $20.00 Ruff
3 Hellebore Collection from Spece Fredbuchholz $58.00 Spece
Ligularia 'Tractor Seat'  Kurschner $21.00 Spece
Heuchera 3-pack from Ternes  Gardensofataraxia $33.00 Ternes
1 Iris Ming Treasure from Ternes Mac $16.00 Ternes
Hosta Garden Groundcovers pack from Ternes Lily3 $45.00 Ternes
TOTAL        $7,775.07


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