The AHS has many local and regional hosta societies throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.  From the “Local Society” Community-Local Societies tab you can find contact information for a society near you. If there is not a society near you and there is a hosta interest in your area we have an information packet to help organize a new club.

The purpose of this packet of information is to assist and guide a group of enthusiastic and energetic garden lovers who would like to start a new local hosta society. All of this information has been compiled by leaders and members from local and regional hosta societies as well as from experienced members of the American Hosta Society.

We have gained knowledge helping start new societies and by seeing clubs become inactive and noting the reasons why they did not survive. Through trial, error, and success we have learned what works and what does not. Every society is different so you should consider and experiment with ideas and programs to see what fits your unique needs.

The packet provides ideas, suggestions, samples, examples and templates of documents that you might find useful. We discuss topics such as how to organize, information on meetings, communications, programs, speakers, publicity, fund raising, finances, non-profit status, relationships with other garden organizations and general administrative details.

The American Hosta Society office of Member Services has prepared this free packet and will stand ready to work with you and your AHS regional staff to get you started in the right direction and help keep you on track once you are established.

The packet is free for groups wanting to start a new society and existing hosta societies can purchase a copy for the cost of printing and mailing.

For a copy of this packet or other information, contact us here

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