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Your membership in the American Hosta Society keeps you plugged in at the national level. At the other end of the spectrum, your local and regional hosta societies keep you connected at the local and regional level. Membership in your local and/or regional hosta society entitles you to many benefits - not the least of which is access to your local society newsletter. The AHS Newsletter Coordinator has the responsibility of coordinating information sharing among the 80 (or so) local and regional societies.

Back in 1993 at the AHS National Convention in Iowa City, Iowa, Jim Wilkins (then AHS National Vice President) was looking for ways to get the regions more involved. A plan was devised where all the local and regional societies would share their newsletters. Kevin Walek (then a local newsletter editor and regional director), being the most vocal of the group, was "elected" to be the first AHS Newsletter Coordinator. That role has been subsequently filled by Judy Burns, Carol Brashear, Charles Tuttle, Meg and Jim Dalton, Rob Mortko, Mary Bardens, Mary Arnberg, and currently by Danny Lawson.

Throughout the years our mission remains unchanged. Your local hosta society newsletter editor has easy access to the collective wisdom of local and regional hosta newsletters from across the country. Many of the articles you see in your local newsletter originated with another hosta society.

Don't miss out on what's happening locally and regionally. Join your local society. Your local society newsletter is the perfect companion to The Hosta Journal for all your hosta needs.

For more information regarding the newsletter exchange, please contact:

Danny Lawson

AHS Newsletter Coordinator

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