In Memoriam

We remember our deceased American Hosta Society members who have contributed significant time and talents to make AHS better.  The American Hosta Society would like to honor such people and we welcome information about them from you.  If you would like to write a paragraph and submit it for inclusion on this page, we would be very grateful as friends will usually know much more about such a person than we might know.

You may also make contributions to AHS in memory of a special person who is now deceased.  This is a way to help the society and at the same time show your respect for your loved one. You may go to Support AHS  for more information.


Harold McDonell
Memorials, Ways and Means Chair

Clarence Owens
Dr. Robert Olson
Kenji Watanabe
Jeff Miller
Jack Barta
Gary Lindheimer
Dr. Richard M. Ward
Diane Grenfell
Shirley Wade
Arlie Tempel
Barbara Jone
Ali Pollock
W. George Schmid
Jack Hirsch
Jim Weidman
Toni Wright
Barry Sligh
Jim Wilkins
Gregg Peterson
Carolyn Harstad
Bruce Edward Banyai
Janet Lee Everson
Van Wade
Robert J. Axmear
Loleta Powell
Arlene Savory
Peter Ruh
Myk Hamlin
Wagner Perrin Thielens, Jr.
Hideko Tajima Gowen
Dr. Samuel B Jones, Jr.
Margaret Sandner Eyre
Roger and Ann Bowden
Lillian Grovenstein
Robert Balitewicz
Marlys Anderson


Remembering Mildred Seaver

Remembering AHS Founder Alex Summers



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