List of Mini Hostas: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

July 1, 2023

Gardeners are often enamored with the giants of the hosta world on many forums and social media pages…

“Just how big can that H. ‘Empress Wu’ get?”

“Did you see so-and-so’s picture of H. ‘Humback Whale’?”

“Why won’t my H. ‘Sum & Substance’ leaves get that huge?”

Sure, those large specimens are impressive, but there’s a world of miniature hostas that came on the market in recent years that can be equally enjoyable, especially for those with small backyards. Plus, they’re great displayed in containers or raised beds. Some may have leaves as small as your thumb while others push the boundaries of what we might think as miniature.

We’ve collected a list of mini hostas that are sure to impress. Simply click below to view the list.

(Featured image is H. ‘Curly Fries’)

Mini Hosta List

Mini Hosta List