Looking for a speaker?

The American Hosta Society has compiled a list of speakers as a service to local garden clubs and hosta societies. Societies making use of the Speaker List are asked to contact the speaker directly, but please bear the following points in mind.

  1. Confirm the booking in writing.
  2. Send the speaker a sketch map and directions (even if they have GPS).
  3. Assign a member to meet the speaker and show them where to park, where to set up, etc. Help with unloading equipment is also sure to be very welcome.
  4. Offer the speaker a beverage on arrival and, in the case of someone coming from more than 30 miles away, consider inviting them to a light snack beforehand or after the meeting.
  5. Make sure that the speaker has a glass of water available to them during the lecture, and make sure the speaker knows where the rest room is.
  6. See that any equipment provided by your society such as projector, computer, screen, etc. is in good working order and that necessary connections are available.
  7. Arrange for somebody to introduce the speaker and somebody to offer a vote of thanks afterwards.
  8. Settle any payment due as soon as possible after the event.
  9. Many speakers have several talks available. Please contact individual speakers for further information. 
  10. Lecture fees vary from speaker to speaker and that should be a first matter of discussion. Further, clubs should note that traveling expenses and accommodations may be charged over and above the lecture fee and should be negotiated separately with the lecturer.

*Guidelines courtesy of the Royal Horticulture Society, UK


Speaker List

If you have any additions, recommendations, corrections or comments for this list, please contact us.

Please Note: This list is a service the AHS provides to clubs and societies, making information more easily available about those offering their services as independent speakers around the country. This list is quite separate from the activities of the AHS itself, and does not imply or represent AHS endorsement or recommendation of those listed in any way.