DURATION  … The auction will run for a TWO WEEK period (as stated in electronic messages and news items posted within the category list of the auction software) through the final item’s posted closing time. Check your computer time and compare to the time posted for each item. Your time zone and the auction site may vary. Items close according the time posted.

BIDDING … By bidding on an item you agree to be bound by the conditions of sale included in the description as provided by the donor. Bids are not retractable. 

DONATIONS … Donations will be accepted up to 72 hours prior to the close of auction. Donations may be added to the items available list throughout the duration of the auction. Bidders will need to keep visiting the site for the latest listings. 

DONORS … Donors are responsible for shipping the plant (contiguous states, U.S.A., addresses only) or delivering the plant to the next hosta society event at which both donor and high bidder will be present. This is to be arranged and agreeable by both parties. 

HIGH BIDDERS … The official winners will be posted following the close of all items. Please ignore ALL other messages which may indicate otherwise! Messages sent by the auction software will NOT be the official winner notice. High bidders will be notified via Email after the close of auction that they have successfully won the plant. The message will direct them as to how and where to make payment by check. In the event payment is not made in a timely manner (10 days following close of bidding), a second Email will be sent.

PAYMENT … Once payment is verified the donor will be notified via Email who the high bidder is and given data necessary to make contact. It is then the donor’s responsibility to arrange a mutually agreeable method and time for delivery with the high bidder. 

RIGHT TO CANCEL … The donor reserves the right to cancel sale to highest bidder if bidder does not agree to the terms set out in the description by the donor. At this time the donor needs to contact the auction administrator, and the second highest bidder may be contacted. 

AHS RESPONSIBILITY … The AHS is responsible for providing the vehicle for placing the donor and high bidder in contact with one another for the exchange of auctioned material. The AHS is not responsible for the condition of any material exchanged between the two parties. In the event that the item becomes unavailable, the AHS will refund the money collected for the item on demand. An optional substitution may be offered, but a refund remains available.

INDEMNIFICATION …You will indemnify and hold harmless AHS, its affiliated and subsidiary entities, and the successors, licensees, assigns, officers and directors of each from and against any and all claims, losses and damages (including reasonable attorney’s fees) constituting and arising out of a breach of any of the provisions of these Terms of Use, including without limitation from your placement or transmission of any content onto Hosting Matters (host for the AHS Auction) servers, and/or from any and all use of any American Hosta Society Sites.


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