It’s exciting to see which hostas bring the highest bids during each year’s annual online auction. Take a look at the items that brought the highest bids ($120+) at the 2024 AHS On-Line Auction.

H. ‘Burlesque’ OS (A. Ritchey – 2015)

H. ‘Burlesque’ is a medium sized hosta, this cultivar is a sport of H. ‘Striptease’ registered by Allen Ritchey of Wisconsin in 2015. The medium blue-green foliage has a wider than other sports, white section surrounding a green center variegation. Its leaves are twisted. Blooming from mid-July into August, mid-season of the hosta summer. Al points out the attractive four color leaf, substantially more white in center seen in this leaf photo.  This is a rarity! A strong 2-3 eye field grown plant of H. ‘Burlesque’ will be sent by the originator, Al’s Auto Body & Arboretum, in spring.

H. ‘Hold the Phone’ OS (M. Seaver – NR)

When Mildred Seaver gave up her Needham, Massachusetts garden to live near her son Charlie, she gave some plants to her friend Ken Ziarek so that he could donate them in her name to various fundraising efforts. H. ‘Hold the Phone’ is one of those. Offered by Owen and Sue Purvis, this sport of a green seedling that Mildred liked is named for one of her favorite expressions. If you knew her, you’re chuckling right now as you recall her saying, “Now just a minute, just hold the phone!”

H. ‘Hold the Phone’ reaches a mature dimension of 20” x 30” or more, and the foliage has softly rippled cream edges surrounding shiny green centers. The leaves are finished to perfection with sharp, curving tips, and the leaf backs are shiny, too. You’ll be happy to stay on the line for this hard-to-find gem. Dial up your bid and make your connection secure! Owen will send at least a two eye division of H. ‘Hold the Phone’ to the winning bidder in the spring.

H. ‘Paradise Nippers’ (M. & J. Fransen – NR)

H. ‘Paradise Nippers’ is the first stable sport of note from R. Goodenough’s vigorous ‘Nippers’ to be found and offered. Imagine the same dark green coloration of the parent plant comprising the wide edge surrounding a yellow-green center. Leaves are, again, of 2” diameter and held somewhat upright. This will make a statement in the front of the border or a pot. Clump stays in that 8-10” high range. Now you have much of the picture. Grow this, and you will note the familiar vigor and clumping that those of us noted with ‘Nippers’ in our gardens! This offer is the ONLY division in the U.S. to date. Truly rare.  Chuck and Sue of Mason Hollow will send you a division of this hosta come spring.

Hosta Seedling

Wasitis 3 Streaked Seedlings – for One Bid! 

Chick Wasitis digs into his personal treasure trove of OS-streaked plants to offer this item! All photos are examples of the plant material that he offers but not the exact plants offered. He will provide the high bidder an array of 6 photos of divisions from streaked plants he has used in the past. All are fertile and have produced streaked seedlings and he will send divisions that have maintained good streaking. All are medium to large size. The winner may then select from the array THEIR choice. That is correct, the high bidder gets their choice from a variety of unique streaked plants, all coming from proven streaked breeding parents. Be assured that Chick used some of the best of the best breeding stock available. These are single eye divisions of older plants.

H. ‘Gecko’s Glance’ (Heemskerk – NR) 

H. ‘Gecko’s Glance’ (Heemskerk NR) is offered by Chuck and Sue Anderson of Mason Hollow. Similar to the lizard’s ability to alter its hue, ‘Gecko’s Glance’ has rainforest green leaves with unique white flamed centers that change to yellow as the season progresses. Even the white pattern on the leaves is reminiscent of the irregular pattern of a gecko’s eye. This attractive 15-17” tall hosta bears lavender flowers in summer and will make a striking addition to your garden. Did you know that a gecko can cling to any surface with its feet except dry Teflon? Add water and even Teflon can’t escape the stick-to-itiveness of this changeling, so we suggest you stick to your bidding like white on rice. This is the one you want to win! Mason Hollow will send the highest bidder a division of this hosta in the spring. There are no more stateside for this year so grab it while you can!

H. ‘Mountain of Love’ OS (K. Ziarek – NR)

Offered by Owen and Sue Purvis, this hosta from Kenny Ziarek is true to its name– H. ‘Mountain of Love’. It crests at 35” tall and can expand to 71” wide, covering quite a bit of garden real estate. The rumpled and corrugated blue-green leaves are generously sized and the flowers are fertile. If you have a passion for big hostas, H. ‘Mountain of Love’ offers much to admire. In the spring, Owen will ship at least a two eye division of H. ‘Mountain of Love’ to the winning bidder.

H. ‘Runt’ OS (B. White – NR)

In the case of Brian White’s offering, hosta love is akin to puppy love. This settled OS sport of a streaked H. ‘The Razor’s Edge’ is cute and curly with a name to match. In remembrance of a small and special pooch, Brian named this white-centered hosta ‘Runt’. It lives up to its name with leaves measuring 1 inch wide by 6 inches long and will look adorable at the front of the border or in a pot on the patio. The plant offered is from OS, container grown at Brian White’s Nursery. Make room at your place for another hosta pet because Brian will ship a bareroot double or better division via USPS H. ‘Runt’ OS to the top bidder when ready to be received.

H. ‘Cathy’s Clown’ OS (C. Wasitis – 2011)

H. ‘Cathy’s Clown’ is a Chick Wasitis introduction, registered in 2011. It forms a large, upright mound of heart-shaped leaves, green with irregular creamy-yellow to white margins. It has been offered here in the past and on the Facebook auction but only about 10 plants have left home. As far as we know it is not available from other vendors at this time and it has not been tissue cultured. He will send a 2-eye or better division in the spring. Never tc’d.

H. ‘Evil Woman’ OS (C. Wasitis – 2013)

H. ‘Evil Woman’ is a Chick Wasitis introduction, registered in 2013. It is named after and dedicated to his wife. Far from being offended, she proudly wears a t-shirt with this picture printed on the front. It forms a medium size mound of dark green leaves with creamy yellow margins, turning white in summer. Leaves are nicely puckered and turn downward towards the tip. It has been offered here a few times in the past and on the Facebook auction. As far as we know it is not available from other vendors at this time and it has not been tissue cultured. He will send a 2-eye or better division in the spring. Never tc’d.