Green Bay Botanical Garden Hosta Display

Each year, individuals from around the country make incredible contributions to their local societies. We thank them for their service and for helping their local organizations thrive.

2022 Recipients

Kay Dye — Central Illinois Hosta Society

Karen Hofstetter — Central Illinois Hosta Society

Mark Maluegarra  — Georgia Hosta Society

Scott Smith — Georgia Hosta Society

Sandy Harris — Heartland Hosta & Shade Plant Society

Gayle Hartley Alley — Heartland Hosta & Shade Plant Society

Janet Klein — Indianapolis Hosta Society

Janet Stultz — Indianapolis Hosta Society

Mary Schwartzbauer — Minnesota Hosta Society

Rita Gindt-Marvig — Minnesota Hosta Society

Mary Lanier — Shades of Green Hosta Society of Southeast MN

Sue Martino — Shades of Green Hosta Society of Southeast MN

Jolly Ann Whitener — St. Louis Hosta Society

Michael & Sharon Schmitt — St. Louis Hosta Society

Cindy Paolucci — Wichita Hosta Society

Dana Smyser — Wichita Hosta Society

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How to Nominate Someone for AHS Presidential Honors Awards

Recipients of the Presidential Honors awards are nominated by the local Hosta society leadership (e.g. President, Board designate) to recognize outstanding service at the local level. Two (2) nominations per year can be submitted in writing to the American Hosta Society VP Awards & Honors by March 1.

The local Hosta Society solely determines if the award is to be made. The award is a certificate prepared by the VP Awards & Honors and is sent to the local Hosta Society contact for presentation to their selected member(s). The recipient is also recognized on the AHS website’s President’s Wall of Honor. Recipient’s name and nominating local Hosta Society are typically posted in January of the following year to allow the local society time to distribute the certificate.

It’s easy! 

  1. Send recipient(s) name as you want it to appear on the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ and the AHS “President’s Wall of Honor” web page.
  2. Send your Hosta Society name and the name and address of the person you want the certificates sent via mail.
  3. Include a two-sentence brief reason the individual(s) were nominated.
  4. Include the date the certificate is needed if applicable .

Send the above information to the current AHS Vice President of Awards and Honors (found on the Officers page).