Welcome to this year’s event. This auction is run like many that you may be familiar with from the past. It has some changes from previous AHS Online Auctions. Be sure to read all information carefully.

Note: all bidding closes on the same date for this auction but time of closing varies for each item posted! The 5-minute of no bid following the posted closing time for each item will apply again this year! The official winners will be posted following the close of all items. Please ignore ALL other messages that may indicate otherwise!

General Navigation: You may navigate to any one of the anchor pages from any page using the links in the box at the bottom of each page. [You must be registered to submit a bid.]

  1. The Auction Home page: The auction home page has links to different categories of items that are for sale. Click on one of these links to view items in that category.

  2. Category Pages: Category pages are where you will find the individual items that you may bid on. They are listed with the Title, the closing date, the number of bids, and the current bid displayed.

  3. Item Detail Pages: The item detail page has the information that is available in the Category listing, as well as a more detailed description, a picture (if one is available), the Bid History, and an area for you to submit a bid for that item.

  4. Registration

    1. All activities on the auction site require registration.

    2. In order to register, click on the “Register” link in the box at the bottom of any auction page.

    3. On the registration page you must enter this information

      1. Username: This is your “handle” for the auction site. It is what you see when you look at the bid history, and who has put an item up for auction. If you choose a Username that is already taken, you will be prompted to enter another one.

      2. Your Name: Please enter your full name so that we may contact you for notifications and/or questions.

      3. Email Address: Please enter a valid email address, as your account login information will be emailed to you, as well as any questions that others may have on items that you put up for bid.

      4. Your address, City, State, and Zip: This is necessary for us to know where to send items that have been successfully bid upon.

  5. Change Password: You will receive an email with a computer generated password. You may create your own. Find the Change Password button located near the register button. Here you may change your password. You must know your Username and present password to change your password to something else.

  6. Change Registration Info: Once you have entered your Username and password you are taken to a page where you can change your email and address information.

  7. You must read and accept the terms of the AHS Auction as set by the Auction Administrator. After you enter the above information, a pop up with the auction terms agreement will be presented. Acceptance will complete your registration, non-acceptance will terminate your registration.

ADDING an item (plant or otherwise) will be done by the Auction Administrator. You will not be able to submit an item yourself due to changes in the software being used. To do so, send an email to Don Dean at dedean@q.com. Entitle ALL correspondence “AHS Online Auction” in the subject bar to ensure that your mail does not get lost in the spam! Include a title and brief paragraph describing your donation. Check out this model for ideas.

Plant name (hybridizer, year or NR) description stating general clump shape and size, leave, and any history or outstanding characteristics making it something to be coveted; amount or size of the division to be sent; when able to send; any terms (if any).


H. ‘My Prize’ (Dean, NR – pending) This compact, vase shaped mounding plant has both gold and gray-green streaks on an intense blue, round, puckered leaf. This makes a small to medium, vigorous grower. Easily fertile with an incredible pedigree [(Dorset Clown) x Sunpower] x Salute! Imagine the next generation! A mature OS division will be sent. Fall or spring delivery is available.

PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES are crucial for most of this type of plant to gain the attention they warrant. Take one and send it along with your commitment to donate a plant. We can work with digital images, preferably jpg format, sent via Email.

Don Dean
AHS On-line Auction Coordinator

All plants you have enjoyed will probably strike a spark of interest in someone else’s mind. Highly coveted, rare, hard to find, good breeding stock, and new breeders from your breeding program are being sought. Originator stock of plants often bring a good bid. Consider collections of plants with a theme: ‘Moon,’ ‘Tiaras,’ gold centered, from a particular hybridizer, plants which you think make a good group planting, etc.

Donor portion of auction rules: 

DONATIONS … Donations will be accepted up to 72 hours prior to the close of auction. Donations may be added to the items available list throughout the duration of the auction. Bidders will need to keep visiting the site for the latest listings. DONORS … Donors are responsible for shipping the plant (contiguous states, U.S.A., addresses only) or delivering the plant to the next hosta society event at which both donor and high bidder will be present. This is to be arranged and agreeable by both parties.

Anything other than US-to-US delivery must be clearly noted in the item description, and unless clearly stated will be the responsibility of the winning bidder. This includes the cost of phytosanitary certificates for international shipment, as well as higher shipping costs. 

Note: all bidding closes on the same date for this auction but time of closing varies for each item posted! 

Note: all bidding closes on the same date for this auction but time of closing varies for each item posted! 


Online Auction Agreement and Procedures